Your Chariot Awaits

Your Chariot Awaits

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Downsized from her job.
Dumped by her boyfriend.
Depressed by her upcoming birthday.

It's been a bad week for Andi McConnell, and now, worst of all, is the Dead Body in her newly acquired limousine. Andi has never had any interest in being a sleuth, but, with her own name high on the list of suspects, she knows she'd better do something before the murder is pinned on her.

Enter Keegan "Fitz" Fitzpatrick, former TV detective, very interested in the case - and in Andi. As they work together to solve the crime, one big question becomes vitally important: are those windows in her limo really bulletproof?

YOUR CHARIOT AWAITS was named the Mystery "Book of the Year" by the American Christian Fiction Writers in 2008. It was also a finalist in the 2008 Daphne du Maurier Mystery/Suspense awards.

YOUR CHARIOT AWAITS is published by Thomas Nelson, ISBN-13 978-1-59554-270-3.

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Searching For Stardust - Lorena McCourtney

SEARCHING FOR STARDUST, out of print for some time now, is now available on Kindle.

Jan Hilliard is on an isolated forest trail in the middle of nowhere for one reason only, to learn the truth about her son's death. Suicide, accident - or murder? The last person she expects - or wants - to encounter is the ex-husband whose fierce ambition and betrayal destroyed their marriage.

Jan wants nothing to do with Mark. Even as she realizes he's still interested in her, and, worse, realizes she also feels an unwanted tug of attraction for him, she's skeptical of his new Christian faith. Skeptical about God as well. But she realizes she needs his help and expertise to learn the truth about their son and reluctantly joins forces with him.

Their search takes an unexpected twist when a name leaps out of their son's journal. Stardust! Stardust, with lupine-blue eyes, mysterious as the journal itself. Who is she? Where is she? What does she know about their son's death? And can she be carrying Jan's only hope for a grandchild?

Yet when Stardust does burst into their lives, she brings fear as well as hope, and as many questions as answers. Questions about faith and love, the past and the future. And the ominous realization that Stardust holds a dangerous control over their lives and future.

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Christian Mysteries by Lorena McCourtney

Andi McConnell and her limousine are back!

After reading the first book in the Andi McConnell Mysteries series, Your Chariot Awaits, many readers have written to ask if there would be more books about Andi. So here she is, in Here Comes the Ride.

Andi's new limousine service is humming along nicely, and now she has a five-day, live-in gig transporting the wedding party and Hollywood guests at what is being called "the wedding of the century." There’s the groom with cell phone welded to his ear. The bride who suspects she’ll be murdered at the ceremony. The over-the-hill, movie star stepmother with an ambitious agenda of her own, plus blackmail, betrayal, and enough hot hostility and competition to melt that life-sized ice sculpture of the bride and groom.

There is also murder..

Along with chasing down a killer, Andi is trying to figure out her relationship with God and testing the limits of her aging anatomy with a skateboard. Plus the complication of her relationship with Keegan “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, the guy who is living proof that some men really do age like fine wine.

Like most killers, this one objects to being brought to justice. Will Andi wind up with more bullet holes in her limo, or even in her?

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Here Comes the Ride is available on both Kindle and Nook for $3.99.

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HERE COMES THE RIDE is also now available in a large-print, hardcover edition. These editions are intended mostly for libraries, but you can:
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Or perhaps you could suggest that your library buy it.

If you haven't already read the first book in this Christian mysteries series, Your Chariot Awaits, it is available in both print and Kindle versions.

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The Ivy Malone Mysteries
Invisible - A Christian Book written by Lorena McCourtney

Ivy Malone is a woman with a wry sense of humor, a powerful faith, and a "mutant curiosity gene" (as a police friend puts it), which sometimes get her into trouble.

She has also discovered that in this fast-moving, youth-oriented world she seems to have drifted into invisibility. People just don't seem to see her any more. She's at first startled and dismayed by this, but she's not one to look on the dark side of things. She decides to put this new foun d "invisibility" to good use and sets out to catch the culprits vandalizing a nearby rural cemetery.

Only to find herself entangled with more than vandals, that she's smack in the midst of the murder of a young neighbor woman. And it's going to take all the nerve and ingenuity she can muster, as well as invisibility, to bring the guilty to justice and save her own neck.

As one of the top Christian books of the year, Invisible was named winner of the Inspirational Division of the 2005 Daphne du Maurier Mystery/Suspense awards."

Invisible is no longer available in new print copies, but it is available on Kindle at Amazon.
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What people are saying about INVISIBLE...

McCourtney's irresistible, understated humor shines through Ivy Malone, a less stuffy version of Miss Marple from this side of the pond. The reader is drawn from page to page toward an unexpected ending. A whet-your-appetite debut for a promising series.
From Romantic Times Magazine
4 1/2 stars and a "Top Pick" rating

Ivy Malone is a heroine who goes about her sleuthing with charm, wit and an undeterred determination to bring crooks to justice. She manages to get herself into one hilarious scrape after another, always squeaking out of trouble by the skin of her teeth. Ivy and her adventures are destined to become favorites of all who read them.
From Murder and Mayhem Book Club


In the first book in this series of Christian books, Ivy helped bring a killer to justice. Now the killer's vindictive and widespread family clan is determined to carry out their brand of justice and turn her into roadkill. Which, Ivy decides, makes this a good time to go into hiding.

But it's difficult for even an "invisible" LOL (little old lady) to keep a low profile after she finds a body in a lake, and her mutant curiosity gene kicks into overdrive as she sleuths for the killer and finds a number of elusive trails to follow. All too soon Ivy discovers she and her aging Thunderbird may not be hidden as well as she hoped. She may, in fact, be very much In Plain Sight.

In Plain Sight is no longer available in new print copies, but it is available on Kindle at Amazon.
For Nook at Barnes and Noble.

"Ivy Malone mysteries are simply too much fun, and this one is no exception. McCourtney has unique plot, sleek pacing, and engrossing characters."
4 1/2 stars Top Pick rating from Romantic Times Book Club.

In Plain Sight has been picked as the second place winner in the Inspirational Division of the 2006 Daphne du Maurier Mystery/Suspense awards.



Two bodies, suicide or murder? One shaved-head survivalist . . . What's he up to? A flock of big-eyed, inquisitive birds, not nearly as stupid as everyone says they are. A young woman with a reason every bit as good as Ivy's for being on the run and hiding out.

Toss them all together, and what do you have? Ivy Malone off on another rollicking sleuthing adventure.

ON THE RUN, Book #3 in the Ivy Malone Mysteries series, was named winner of the Inspirational Division of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence for mystery/suspense books.

On The Run is no longer available in new print copies, but it is available on Kindle at Amazon.
For Nook at Barnes and Noble.

"Thought-provoking and funny, Ivy's pithy observations and quirky practicality delight. McCourtney leaves readers salivating for the next installment."
Romantic Times Book Club, with a 4-star rating

"Lorena McCourtney has penned another action-packed, character-driven mystery readers will enjoy immensely from start to finish. Her easy-going, life-loving lead character, coupled with a diverse and 'out-in-left field' cast, make for an engaging read."
Dale Lewis, Hope to Home

"Lorena McCourtney has outdone herself with this little gem. What a hoot! I often forget that ivy Malone is a fictional character. She is one LOL I would love to meet. Her perspective on life is quite refreshing, even if she does suffer from chronic inquisitiveness."
KC Reviews

"ON THE RUN is the third book in Lorena McCourtney's Ivy Malone series. The heroine is delightful . prone to aches and other maladies of aging, but strong enough to chase the bad guys. She is the person we aging .Boomers. want to be. ON THE RUN is chock full of dry wit and wisdom, and enough mystery to keep the reader guessing until Ivy and Abilene figure it out. Recommended."
Caryl Harvey, I Love a Mystery


Book #4. Ivy is still running from the mini-Mafia of thugs who are after her. But in a small town in the mountains of Colorado, her travels come to an abrupt halt when her motor home breaks down. A boring delay for Ivy? Not with a dead body, a Roaring '20s chorus line, Nutty Norman and his chickens, plus Mac and Magnolia and Koop the Cat too. Ivy Malone is sleuthing again!

Stranded is no longer available in new print copies, but it is available on Kindle at Amazon.
For Nook at Barnes and Noble.

"If you haven't delved into an Ivy Malone mystery, you're missing out on an action-packed, humor-filled, quirky whodunit. What are you waiting for? There are four of them now. Pick up a copy and enjoy!"
Dale Lewis, Hope to Home

"If you love a good mystery that'll keep you guessing until the end while spending time with people you care about, pick up the latest Ivy Malone Mystery."
Heather Hunt,

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